My Mobile Guide for Nonprofits

A Guide to the Mobile Web for Nonprofits

Last year, my collaborator Lacey Kruger and I wrote A Guide to the Mobile Web – Best Practices for Nonprofits. Ohhh, what a difference a year makes in the fast-changing world of smartphones. Responsive design was relatively new on the scene, and we were still recommending a mobile-optimized mini site with a sub-section of content. Still, there’s some great content in here (if I do say so myself) that remains valuable…even if I wouldn’t describe it as timeless. Blackbaud has just republished the guide, for your reading pleasure.

A sneak peak at the good stuff:

What Approach Should You Take to Go Mobile? Here are six flavors of mobile presence, each with its own purpose:

  • Mini Site
  • Campaign, Program or Event Site
  • Engagement Opportunity Only
  • Mobile-Optimized Content
  • Special Interactive Feature
  • Full, Content-Rich Site
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